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Our members save around $400 on every Jet Set Club flight deal they book

  • Jet Set Club Premium

    Every year
    Receive all of our cheap flight deal alerts to your email. Save hundreds on every flight you book!
    • Receive 15-20 cheap flight alerts per week (or more!)
    • Exclusive access to our members-only section of the website
    • Enjoy priority access to limited-time deals and promotions
  • Jet Set Club Free

    Receive 2-3 cheap flight deals every week in your inbox.
    Free Plan
    • Receive 2-3 cheap flight alerts per week from our experts
    • Stay informed about a few of our incredible deals every week
    • Access to our community of budget-savvy travelers and advice
Premium Membership vs. Free Membership, which membership is right for you?


At Jet Set Club, we believe in making affordable travel accessible to everyone. Whether you choose our premium membership or opt for our free membership, you're joining a community dedicated to saving big on flights.

No matter which membership you choose, JetSet Club is your passport to saving on every journey.

Join today and start exploring the world for less!

Never overpay for vacations again!

Real deals sent to our members 

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