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About Us

Our founder Shelly developed a love for travel from an early age. One of her earliest memories is going to the airport with her dad who worked for Trans World Airlines to watch the airplanes take off and land. Wanting to travel the world, yet being a self-diagnosed cheap skate, Shelly found ways to travel on a budget. Over the years, she discovered that she had a knack for finding cheap flights. After finding cheap roundtrip flights for herself, family, and friends like Barcelona for $215, Paris for $230, and Tahiti for $500, Shelly decided to turn her passion for cheap travel into a business and JetSet Club was born. Now Shelly and her team send members cheap flight deals every day, so they can save 40-90% on every flight they book. The Jet Set Club team is dedicated to making travel accessible for everyone. Sign up today and start saving on your next adventure!

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Actual deals our members have recently received

Woman in kayak in the ocean

Cook Islands $795

Eiffel tower in paris

Paris $479

Temple in Tokyo Japan

Tokyo $321

Bali temple at sunrise

Bali $752

  • How does Jet Set Club work?
    I​t’s pretty simple, actually. We use our proprietary system to hunt down the best flight deals. Once you subscribe to Jet Set Club's flight deals, you will get 10-20 (or more!) flight deals emailed directly to your inbox every week. We only send you flight deals that we would book for ourselves. That means direct flights when possible, short layovers, quality airlines, great destinations, and most importantly- an awesome deal. We provide you with all the information you need to book the flight directly with the airline. If you are a member, you can also see current flight deals here.
  • Can a membership still work for me if I don't have a trip planned?
    The perfect time to join is when you don't have a trip planned. Join Jet Set Club, and then watch the cheap flight deals roll into your inbox. Trust us, you'll have no shortage of possible vacations in no time. Our deals are so amazing you'll be able to plan your dream trip and save hundreds of dollars on your flight.
  • I signed up, but am not receiving your emails.
    Your Jet Set Club emails are likely going into spam, trash, or promotions folder of your email. If you do discover a Jet Set Club email in your spam folder, mark the email "not spam". If you find our emails in another folder, you can also drag and drop one of our emails into the primary tab, which will ensure that our emails always end up in your primary inbox. You may also want to "Star" or mark one of our emails as "Important". That way you'll receive a notification as soon as one of our emails hits your inbox. You can also avoid any issues in the future by adding deals [at] to your email contact list. If you still can't find the emails then shoot us an email at hello [at]
  • How do I make the most of my Jet Set Club membership?
    Even if you only book one flight deal from Jet Set Club, you will save enough on that flight to pay for your subscription for at least several years. Be flexible on dates and travel locations to get the most out of your subscription.
  • How long do I have to purchase the flight deals you send me?
    Time is really of the essence with our flight deals. Some deals will literally last for minutes, some hours, and some a few days. If you are unable to find the exact deal we sent you, try playing around with dates on google flights.
  • How do I book the flight deal you send me?
    We provide you with all the information you need. Use the Google Flight link on the email to search dates for your city of departure, and then book directly with the airline.
  • Does Jet Set Club make a commission on flights that I book?
    No. We are not travel agents. We are supported only by your paid subscription.
  • What airlines do you work with?
    We are not affiliated with any airline, but send you deals from all major airlines. We typically shy away from sending deals from low-cost airlines as they tend to have too many fees. Once you factor these extra charges into the price, these usually aren’t as great of a deal. You'll see deals from major airlines like American, Delta, Jet Blue, and United.
  • Does Jet Set Club offer a guarantee?
    If for any reason you are not happy with your subscription, you can request a refund anytime during the first 15 days of purchase. To cancel your subscription and request a refund, send an email to
  • What if I only want to see deals from my home airport?
    We check over 200 US and Canadian airports for every cheap flight deal alert we send our members. Your home airport might not be included in every deal we find, but we think it's a good idea for you to see every deal we send out. You may be able to book a cheap positioning flight to a nearby airport to take advantage of one of our flight alerts. Depending on where you live, you might be able to book a $100 flight to a large hub like LAX or JFK to take advantage of a great deal. Even with the extra expense of a positioning flight, you can still save hundreds on the trip of a lifetime.
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