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Oaxaca Top Ten

Updated: Mar 4

Here is the vibrant and culturally rich region of Oaxaca, Mexico! Nestled in the southern part of the country, Oaxaca is a treasure trove of history, art, and culinary delights. Whether you're a history buff, an art enthusiast, or a foodie at heart, Oaxaca has something special for every kind of traveler. Join us as we explore the ten best things to do in this captivating destination.

Hierve el Agua

  1. Wander Through Oaxaca City's Historic Center: Begin your journey in the heart of Oaxaca – its historic center. The cobblestone streets, colonial architecture, and lively plazas create a charming atmosphere. Don't miss the iconic Santo Domingo Church and the vibrant Zocalo, where you can soak in the local culture.

  2. Marvel at Monte Albán's Ancient Ruins: For a glimpse into Oaxaca's pre-Columbian history, visit Monte Albán. This archaeological site, perched on a hill, boasts impressive Zapotec ruins and breathtaking views of the surrounding valleys. Take a guided tour to uncover the secrets of this ancient civilization.

  3. Explore the Ethnobotanical Garden of Oaxaca: Located near Santo Domingo Church, this enchanting garden showcases the diverse plant life of the region. Stroll through the well-maintained paths to discover the unique flora, including many plants used in traditional Oaxacan crafts and cuisine.

  4. Immerse Yourself in the Arts at Museo de las Culturas de Oaxaca: Dive into Oaxaca's artistic heritage at the Museo de las Culturas. This museum houses an impressive collection of pre-Hispanic artifacts, textiles, and contemporary art. It's a perfect place to gain a deeper understanding of Oaxaca's cultural evolution.

  5. Shop for Treasures at Mercado Benito Juárez: Indulge in a sensory feast at the bustling Mercado Benito Juárez. This market is a kaleidoscope of colors, smells, and sounds. From vibrant textiles and traditional crafts to local delicacies, you'll find the perfect souvenirs to bring home.

  6. Savor Authentic Oaxacan Cuisine: Oaxaca is a haven for food lovers, and sampling the local cuisine is a must. Try tlayudas (large, thin tortillas), mole (a rich, flavorful sauce), and chapulines (crunchy grasshoppers). Don't forget to pair your meals with a refreshing glass of mezcal, a traditional Oaxacan spirit.

  7. Attend a Zapotec Cooking Class: Delve into the secrets of Oaxacan cooking by joining a Zapotec cooking class. Learn to prepare traditional dishes using authentic ingredients and techniques. It's a hands-on experience that will leave you with both culinary skills and cherished memories.

  8. Experience the Guelaguetza Festival: If your visit coincides with July, don't miss the Guelaguetza, a vibrant cultural celebration showcasing traditional music, dance, and regional costumes. Join the locals in the festivities for an unforgettable experience.

  9. Visit the Natural Wonders of Hierve el Agua: Escape the city and marvel at the natural wonders of Hierve el Agua. These petrified waterfalls and mineral springs offer a breathtaking backdrop for hiking and swimming. The panoramic views of the Oaxacan landscape are simply awe-inspiring.

  10. Relax in the Magic Town of Teotitlán del Valle: End your Oaxacan adventure in the charming Magic Town of Teotitlán del Valle. Known for its vibrant markets and skilled artisans, this town is a haven for those seeking authentic Oaxacan crafts, including intricate woven textiles.

Oaxaca blankets

Oaxaca is a destination that captivates the senses and nourishes the soul. From ancient ruins to bustling markets and culinary delights, this region offers a diverse and enriching experience for every traveler.

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Oaxaca Top Ten


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