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Navigating Belize: A Comprehensive Guide to Transportation for Tourists

Belize offers a diverse range of transportation options for tourists to explore its rich culture, natural beauty, and historical sites. Whether you prefer the convenience of modern transportation or the authentic experience of local methods, Belize has something for everyone. Below is a guide to using various means of transportation in Belize for city tours, along with reasons why each option might be suitable for you.

Belize sign

Why Choose Taxi?

  • Convenience: Taxis are readily available in most urban areas and tourist destinations.

  • Comfort: Provides a private and comfortable ride, often with air conditioning.

  • Flexibility: Taxis can take you directly to your desired destination without multiple stops.


  • Negotiate Fare: Always negotiate the fare before getting into the taxi, as most taxis in Belize do not use meters.

  • Ask Locals: Ask locals or your hotel staff for recommendations on reliable taxi services.

Rental Car

Why Choose Rental Car?

  • Independence: Allows you to explore Belize at your own pace and schedule.

  • Accessibility: Provides access to remote areas and off-the-beaten-path destinations.

  • Comfort: Offers the convenience of having your own personal space and storage.


  • International Driving Permit: Make sure to obtain an International Driving Permit if you plan to rent a car in Belize.

  • Road Conditions: Be prepared for varying road conditions, especially in rural areas.

Public Bus

Why Choose Public Bus?

  • Affordability: Public buses are the most economical way to travel around Belize.

  • Local Experience: Offers an authentic experience and a chance to interact with locals.

  • Accessibility: Covers most areas within Belize and connects major cities and towns.


  • Be Prepared: Buses can be crowded and may not always be punctual, so plan accordingly.

  • Exact Change: Have exact change ready for the fare, as drivers usually do not provide change.

Water Taxi Sign in Belize

Water Taxi

Why Choose Water Taxi?

  • Scenic Views: Offers beautiful views of the coastline and islands.

  • Speed: Faster than road travel for destinations along the coast or to nearby islands.

  • Adventure: Adds an adventurous element to your journey.


  • Check Schedule: Make sure to check the water taxi schedule in advance, as services may be limited.

  • Weather Conditions: Water taxi services may be affected by weather conditions, so it’s advisable to check the weather forecast.


Why Choose Bicycle?

  • Eco-Friendly: Environmentally friendly way to explore Belize.

  • Flexibility: Allows you to explore narrow streets and off-road trails.

  • Exercise: Combines sightseeing with physical activity.


  • Safety Gear: Always wear a helmet and use lights if cycling during low-light conditions.

  • Map: Use a map or GPS to navigate, as some areas may not have clear signage.


Why Choose Walking?

  • Immersive Experience: Allows you to explore Belize up close and at a leisurely pace.

  • Cost-Effective: Free and requires no additional transportation fees.

  • Health Benefits: Provides a good form of exercise while sightseeing.


  • Stay Hydrated: Belize can be hot and humid, so remember to stay hydrated.

  • Safety: Be aware of your surroundings, especially in crowded or unfamiliar areas.

Hanging bridge in Belize

Whether you opt for the convenience of a taxi, the independence of a rental car, the affordability of a public bus, the adventure of a water taxi, the eco-friendliness of a bicycle, or the immersive experience of walking, Belize offers a transportation option that will suit your needs and enhance your city tour experience.

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