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Split Top Ten

Updated: Feb 26

The vibrant city of Split, where history meets modernity in a beautiful coastal setting. Whether you're a history buff, a foodie, or a beach lover, Split has something for everyone. From ancient Roman ruins to bustling markets and stunning beaches, there's no shortage of things to see and do. Here are our picks for the top ten things to do in Split!

Riva Promenade

  1. Diocletian's Palace: Start your journey at the heart of Split, exploring the impressive ruins of Diocletian's Palace. This UNESCO World Heritage site dates back to the 4th century and boasts ancient architecture, hidden courtyards, and bustling squares. Don't miss the chance to wander through the narrow streets and imagine life in Roman times.

  2. Riva Promenade: Take a leisurely stroll along the Riva Promenade, Split's lively waterfront promenade. Lined with palm trees, cafes, and restaurants, it's the perfect place to soak up the sun, people-watch, and enjoy stunning views of the Adriatic Sea.

  3. Marjan Hill: For panoramic views of the city and the surrounding islands, hike up to Marjan Hill. This lush green oasis offers hiking trails, secluded beaches, and shady pine forests, making it a favorite escape for locals and tourists alike.

  4. Peristyle Square: Step back in time at Peristyle Square, the central square of Diocletian's Palace. Marvel at the grandeur of the ancient architecture, catch a performance by local musicians or street performers, and soak in the atmosphere of this historic gathering place.

  5. Split Old Town: Lose yourself in the charming streets of Split's Old Town, where medieval buildings blend seamlessly with modern shops and cafes. Discover hidden gems around every corner, from artisan boutiques to traditional konobas serving up delicious Croatian cuisine.

  6. Bacvice Beach: When it's time to cool off, head to Bacvice Beach, Split's most popular sandy beach. With its shallow waters and sandy shores, it's perfect for swimming, sunbathing, or trying your hand at picigin, a traditional Croatian ball game.

  7. Ivan Mestrovic Gallery: Art enthusiasts won't want to miss the Ivan Mestrovic Gallery, dedicated to the works of Croatia's most famous sculptor. Located in a stunning villa overlooking the sea, the gallery showcases Mestrovic's sculptures, drawings, and architectural designs.

  8. Green Market: Immerse yourself in the sights, sounds, and smells of Split's bustling Green Market. Browse stalls piled high with fresh produce, local cheeses, olive oil, and other delicious treats, and don't forget to haggle with the friendly vendors for the best deals.

  9. Explore the Islands: Take a day trip to one of the nearby islands, such as Hvar, Brac, or Vis. Whether you're looking for pristine beaches, historic towns, or outdoor adventures like hiking and kayaking, the islands offer endless opportunities for exploration and relaxation.

  10. Sunset at Vidilica: End your day with a breathtaking sunset at Vidilica, a scenic viewpoint overlooking the city and the sea. Grab a drink from one of the nearby cafes, find a cozy spot to sit, and watch as the sky lights up in shades of pink, orange, and gold.

Split's Old Town

With its rich history, stunning natural beauty, and vibrant culture, Split truly has something for everyone.

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